Competition Grounds for Design Companies

Web designing is one of the most rapidly growing fields in the world. This growth can be credited to the advancement of technology in a manner that everyone is now taking to the internet for every little thing that is desired. Online shopping, education, fitness training and what not, it is all available on the internet. People who are learned in the field have become seniors as the younger ones are learning software to make it big in the industry.


The industry has not only generated employment for various writers, designers and other executives, but also let people branch out their creativity. Newer designs are being explored with every passing day. There is immense competition in the industry, companies compete on the following grounds to make themselves prominent on the map of web designing:

–          Price: This is actually the key point of and selling process. As companies want to sell their services, they are ready to provide services for a price that is much cheaper than competition. This is one of the deciding factors of the selling of services. Many companies make their decision of buying the service or not after looking at the amount of money that they have to shell out.

–          Technology: It is a very cut throat competition between companies when it comes to the different technologies that can be used to make websites. Different design companies have hired experts in different technologies and software to make websites and want to gain an edge over the competition.

–          Timeline: Companies today want work to be done fast. They set unnatural and impossible deadlines that have to be followed while making the websites. This is one criteria that can be used to have an edge over competition. But this is a dangerous thing to do as the quality of the work can be compromised while trying to finish it fast.

–          Follow ups: Many design companies have attached schemes that offer their clients many follow ups on the design that is running live. The design firm can be called upon by the brands to make changes and perform some activity on the site without having to pay for it. This enables the company to make sure that they do not have to spend money every time they need something to be done on the website.

Aside of all this, the biggest aspect of competition is the quality of work that they will produce. Innovation, better personnel, careful handling, professionalism and many more work related aspects that are necessary are used as criteria. Although it is a vast industry and the company that is on top cannot be determined as it is a creativity based. This leaves the experts and analysts with the results of the search engines and also subjective choices to figure out who is on top of the industry. Companies are trying very hard to make sure that their websites are getting noticed by the people and are gaining better rankings in different search engines.

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