Design is as Important as the Content

The development of a website is not an easy ball game. The website is not only the direct point of contact between the customer and the brands, but also the representation of the company on the internet. And that space, as we all know is one of the most delicate spaces to be ‘not-so-good’ on. The website has to be crisp, informative, creative and engaging at the same time. While many web developers seem to have gotten it right, there are others who do not concentrate much on the design.


Some developers/companies believe in the quality of their product or service. They think that it is the quality that matters and not the packaging. These are the people who come from the old school of thought where the popular and most believed adage is “Big things come in small packages.” But gone are the days of the validity of this thought. Now people want a big package and a bigger thing to enjoy for themselves. Right from the time they type in their product into the search engine to the navigation to the different descriptions and reviews, they want everything to be looking and feeling good. The design is an important aspect of the development of the site.

There are also people who have run in late to get online and make use of the digital space for the improvement of their business. All they want to do is concentrate on is the technical aspects of the site, make it work and run it live. This will definitely get them an online presence and nothing more than that. For a prominent online presence, it has to be made sure that the people are engaged, a bad looking website will not get the company any new customers, but might also repel the existing ones as well. If you are the kind who wants to get a lousy job done, only because it is done faster, then it is advisable that you do not do it at all.

Existing on the World Wide Web is not the criteria, it is inexpensive and always possible to do so. Now, search engines decide the page navigation that the people take. This is a mechanism that takes into account the different aspect of the website. Right from the text to the videos and to how many visitors the website has. The number of visitors and the frequency of them visiting the site can be increased by grabbing their attention. The better the design, the more attention it will attract.

Owing to all these aspects of the internet and even the human psychology, it is important that the web design is given equal importance as the content on the website. Else all the useful content can go unnoticed because of the poor design that the developer has given. There are many professionals who do the job well, they can be hired and used for better insights, changing trends and for the creation of a futuristic website.

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