Different Ways to Make Android Phones Even More Awesome

One simply doesn’t become the most used mobile platforms over the globe, unless it is as peerless as Android. It has been gifting one after the other breathtaking specs making it addictively adorable. Well, being as greedy as a human you can’t really have control of your desire for something more. You can stretch Android’s flamboyancy even further going through the nifty stuffs given below.

Andriod Phones

Have a Better Experience of Viewing Pictures

You can enjoy a much enhancing image viewing experience. There are some excellent third party tools, and Picturen Lite is one of the finest recommendations offering you with interesting viewing options like grid view, list view, etc. In addition, there remain specs like cloud storage, catchy themes, enhanced communication, etc.

A Better Scheduling

Android users are already pretty satisfied of their native Google Calendar app. However, this SoICalendar app can offer you with something extra. The best part about the tool is the way it displays things, and highlights the crucial events in an interesting way. In addition, you can have an efficient dig at climate controls, schedules, etc.

Make a Great Note

Simplenote can certainly offer you with an even enhanced experience for the android users. The best part here is that your notes can be synced over several devices through the app. Apart from creating note; it is also a fantastic product in terms of configuring them. There are other excellent options you can go through like Google Keep as well.

Quickest Contact

Through the native dialler the android users can only dial to their contacts. Truedialer can really add some spice in to it. It facilitates a quick search for the contacts across your phonebook, as it incorporates its over the web database for you. It means, there is no scenario of anonymous calls, as the app brings you some information about it.

Performance, File Management

ES Task Manager is perfect product meeting the desires of the contemporary industrious people. It adds increasing functionality with the tool making it interesting. There are all those primary functionalities you know with it, and in addition, it offers you facilities like cloud storage, increasing the processor performance level, flexible file management, etc. This is a pretty flexible tool as well, dealing nicely with most file format types and being a simple option to be dealt by people with minimal technical expertise as well.

Smooth Recording of Calls

Call recorder has been thoroughly enchanting always. In fact, this is more enjoyable when it comes to Android. However, there are some excellent tools through which you will be free of any fret of getting blocked, or huddles you are aware of. There are other tools available as well. But, not all are proficient enough in recording the voices of either side. Well, those like Call Recorder-Total Recall, Call Recorder ACR are too flawless at their way on this aspect. You have the option to let the other folk know that the call is being recorded. Total Call recorder can be another fantastic option for you as well on this regard.

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