Dropbox Vs. Carbonite: The Difference Between Cloud-Based Storage and Backup

Web services have certainly turned out to be like a friend in need for the contemporary people with an upbeat mindset. Over the web services like Dropbox are perfectly multi tasking in nature. They handle the contemporary tasks in a quite gregarious way. Those like Dropbox have been thoroughly distinguishing in terms of dealing with sync and storage tasks.

Dropbox Carbonite

You just need to have the specific files ready, and at an ease these are transported to other systems or device of your choice. Later you can go for making these synced along the products. Upon going through a document over your system, it brings spontaneous alterations you made at your iPad.

Carbonite: The Cloud Based Service

There are excellent cloud based back-up services available as well to ensure the best protection of your entire document files in case any disastrous situations appear. Carbonite is one of the most known cloud based back-up service of above kind.

Comparing Dropbox and Carbonite:

To be honest, there is a huge resemblance between both Dropbox and Carbonite, especially the way they function. Both they put your documents to a different destination, and at the same time efficiently offer security to these. You can get functional with your files at any point through both the above irrespective of the device. All that you have to ensure is decent web connectivity. Still, they both have their own way of working.

The point to be marked about both the option is in terms of the destination where they put the documents. Most of the web based services want to entire set of your desired files to be synced within one destination for a sleek process.

Offering Best Back-Up:

To ensure a productive back-up from Dropbox, one needs to transfer the entire library folders and some sections of AppData to its folders. It is pretty much similar with the other cases as well.  

However, through the backup services you can enjoy backup of specific folders from through out the drive, or through several drives. In addition, they offer back-up for entire library folders, the systems, and all those sections want some security. You can always have the flexibility of adding or removing a folder from the back-up.

But, the backup services actually functions in a different way. One of the accounts normally offer backup for one system. When it comes about providing backup to multiple, it facilitates things distinctly. There is no restriction for downloading the files.


Carbonite offer sync options for those who are interested in paid service for it. However, these demand extra tools and operate absolutely distinctively from the backup.

It’s nothing uncommon if someone looks for saving multiple editions of a file. Most of the service providers for back-up have this option like Dropbox. Anyway, there are some those offer such services specifically for certain file types. In many cases though, a single package comes out to be enough for handling the complete task of offering effective back-up and security at the same time.

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