GetResponse Vs Constant Contact Vs AWeber – Top Email Marketing Software Compared

If you have been into email marketing — which is still one of the best ways to reach audience in a persuasive manner —, you know very well why you need to have an effective email marketing solution that makes sense at least when it comes to making sure that your audience read the emails or newsletters you send. However, as there is a number of email marketing solutions you can find as of now, it is natural if you’re confused when you’re supposed to select one from the list, especially if the list consists of GetResponse, Constant Contact and AWeber.

getresponse-vs constant-contact vs-aweber

After reading this post, though, you can make level of that confusion less intensive, as we’re going to have a comparison between the three email marketing tools in such a way that you would be able to choose one — or, prioritize one. We prefer to have an overview of all these tools, by covering some commonly-considered-worthy aspects, so that you can then consider your requirements.


GetResponse is about not only talking to them but also getting response — as simple as that! And, the tool will be an impressive companion to you throughout the process of dealing with the email marketing part of your firm, blog or a site.


GetResponse will surely satisfy you from the technical aspects of email marketing, such as the deliverability rate and the fewer number of bounce rates etc. Despite these, you can find the real usefulness of GetResponse when it’s time to create and optimize your newsletters in the most persuasive manner. There are a lot of features you can get, when you have decided to move forward with GetResponse, some of them which are as follows.

  • You can create web forms, which can be implemented in your website or blog for collection of feedback and newsletter-related purposes.
  • All newsletters you design using the intuitive email design section of GetResponse are 100% responsive; and, you can serve in the same way whether it’s a mobile device or PC.
  • In the email tracking and analysis section of GetResponse, you have Email Intelligence, A-B Testers and all.
  • The one we loved most — Autoresponders 2.0. This new way of auto-responding helps you to make sure the communication is active even when you’re offline.

To sum up, we would say that GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing solution you can add when you prefer an individual tool rather than mixing different ones.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has been here in the field of marketing for around a decade and it does exceptionally well when its multipurpose behaviour is a requisite of yours.


The company offers both email marketing and additional features; it’s other features include the Email Plus, where you can combine social media marketing with email marketing in such a way that you get better results in the long run. Of course, you will have to pay more for the additional features you’d get, but it’s purely your choice. Indeed, Constant Contact covers the section of basic technical stuff such as the rates of deliverability and it’s the rest that we are going to focus on. What we found interesting in Constant Contact are as follows.

  • The feature to create and share Coupons helps you attract more customers to your site or blog, a bit easily.
  • Thanks to the Social Media Marketing section the company has, Constant Contact helps you link your social media profile and act accordingly.
  • Talking of other features, Constant Contact has a Smartphone application, a huge amount of resources that help you do well, etc.

We prefer to call Constant Contact a marketing tool rather than an email marketing tool! It’s obvious that you get an impressive set of social media marketing tools too — which you MAY NOT need.


Though last in our list, bloggers may prefer it first, thanks to the reputation of AWeber when it comes to marketing via email.

aweber image

You will get a lot of things to list if you are looking for features that are actually helpful. We think that, apart from the features, AWeber is known for the reputation and reliability of mail or newsletter you send and the assurance that your mails reach the right place, at the right time. Now, we shall see some of the notable features of AWeber as far as a typical email marketer would be concerned.

  • You can connect your AWeber account with some other platforms to boost your contact list and thus attract more subscribers.
  • If you are developing an app itself, you have the option to integrate AWeber with the app, due to the availability of APIs.
  • RSS to Email feature helps you to convert your blog posts into newsletters, which is a great deal that saves a lot of your time, we suppose.

In simple words, AWeber is a typical email marketing solution you would get from the market. It does not offer much but gives the best of what it offers.


When it comes to pricing, the basic plan of GetResponse is available for $15 per month and you can have up to 1000 subscribers, which is good. As you move on, you can pay up to $450 for 100,000 subscribers.

In Constant Contact, the Email plan lets you manage up to 500 subscribers by paying $20 per month and you have to contact the team if you have more than 10000 subscribers.

AWeber has a bit complex pricing section. The basic plan is available for $19 per month, but you can have only 500 subscribers. Regardless the plan you choose — Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly —, you’ve to pay extra fees if you have more than 500 subscribers.

Our Verdict

When analysing the features section, it’s clear that GetResponse creates a blend of perfection in designing & sending aspects of email marketing and the Autoresponders 2.0 are impressive indeed. Apart from this, it has one relatively lower pricing plan too, which makes sense for low-budget users as well. In short, we prefer GetResponse to others. If we had to pick a runner up it would be AWeber but it’s hard to declare one when the features and pricing are so overmatched.

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