GetResponse vs. IM Creator: Powerful Landing Creator

Landing page is an effective way of getting and generating leads for your website. In this era of online marketing, you can cash in on the advantage served by social media which helps in connecting large masses. The landing page links your social media campaigns with a goal to convert the site visits into sales. GetResponse and IM Creator are equally popular and most sought after landing page creators. They both have a good reputation among designers. But choosing between GetResponse vs. IM Creator is not easy and in this article we will give you a detailed comparison of both.


GetResponse comes loaded with some amazing features. They offer autoresponders which comes with 2 options that is time based and action based. Their autoresponders are strong and so far they haven’t encountered any customer complaints so far.

GetResponse Create Dashboard

They also offer analytics to track the traffic and sale conversion. It includes one-click segmentation, metrics over time and email ROI which helps you in tracking the number of subscribers and the visitor engagement activities. The split testing offered by GetResponse beats everyone else in the league by offering you to split test up to 5 different messages.

GetResponse Landing Page Editor

Though they offer a variety of e-newsletter templates to choose but their designs doesn’t look attractive. That said, they do give you options to change fonts, layouts and imagery. One feature that sets them above their competitors is that their templates get automatically optimized for viewing on smartphones.


On the other IM Creator offers quality and attractive templates that have striking designs. They offer more than 100 fonts to choose, flexible layouts and easy access to add HTML.

imcreator features

The analytics is done via third party such as facebook tracking pixels and goggle analytics. Their e-commerce and blog addition is done by one-click install but it can get very confusing when one tries to add a new blog post. Though they claim to offer responsive pages, the mobile version fails to optimize the desktop version to a small screen.


GetResponse offers 4 plans. The Email plan that is ideal for email marketing beginners starts at $15 per month for a list size of 1000. The features include a basic landing page with auto responders for only one user. The Pro plan comes at $49 per month for 1000 subscribers with 3 users, webinars and a pro version of landing page. The Max plan costs you $165 per month which includes all the pro features such as custom domain, account manager and webinar 500 allowing 5 users.

getresponse pricing

The Enterprise plan starting at $250 comes loaded with max features such dedicated IP, dedicated account manager and maximum mail out performance allowing up to 10 users.

On the other hand IM Creator comes with 3 plans. The basic plan which is free is suitable for students, artists and non-profit business. You get unlimited hosting, e-commerce and free ads with this plan.

imcreator pricing

The commercial plan costs $7.95 per month also includes unlimited hosting, access to themes, free ad and e-commerce. The Reseller plan costs $250 annually which gives unlimited licenses to the clients, ad free and reseller control panel.

Customer Support

GetResponse are backed by strong and effective round the clock comprehensive 24/7 support. Their phone support is available from 9am-5pm EST, email support and their live chat support too is available all the time along with online tutorials and resources.

IM Creator too boasts of strong tech support which comes embedded in their site editor. They also offer online tutorials, articles that are available 24/7 and also access to the customer support.

Comparatively, GetResponse offers better response and reaches out to customer issues effectively.

GetResponse vs IM Creator- the final Verdict

Both the landing page creators have their offering and amazing features but GetResponse scores over IM Creator with strong plans and best tech support with ease of operation and you also get a 30 days free trial. IM Creator may have impressive designs and quite appealing to the beginners for their free plan but in the long run GetResponse stays ahead with its overall performance.

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