How to Create a RSS Feed for Twitter

RSS feeds are good ways to spread your blog posts and write ups across different platforms at ease. Sharing something on each different connection you have is immensely boring, you might just favor using a RSS feed. Twitter used to be a widely used social network for sharing RSS feeds from blogs, websites, or audio and video based contents but recently Twitter has permanently disable every mean to share RSS feeds via Twitter. This is definitely an unpleasant update some users had seen coming; but should it stop a pro blogger from creating RSS feeds on Twitter like before? This shouldn’t be the case.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to show you how you can regain access to creating and sharing RSS feeds on Twitter like before. One can simply share all their favorites, media, search results, Tweets and everything else they used to share. As before, the ID of the Twitter account owner would show up right next to the post so there’s no risking losing the credits to a post. This has been made possible by using Google’s Script URL; using which the Widget ID has been developed.

Twitter Rss

How do you Create a Twitter RSS feed?

The RSS feeds have been abandoned by Twitter so now you would have to take a slightly distorted path. However, the procedures won’t require a computing genius, it’s an easy process. Following are the ways to get you going:

  1. Upon logging into your Twitter account, get to your Twitter homepage and start the Create new Widget operation.
  2. Creating widgets are easy. Make it as you like and publish it. Then assign a Widget ID to the widget that you have just created. Widget IDs are usually long strings of numbers.
  3. To proceed further, you are going to need Labnol’s Google Script which is available here. Click on File and proceed to making a copy of the script. Upon completion, click on Run and select Twitter RSS followed by. Twitter would ask you for confirmation of your logged in session; only once. Once initiated, the login session won’t anymore be required.
  4. Followed by ‘Deploy as web app’, there’s a Publish button you need to hit. On the next screen click on ‘Save New Version’ button. Under the ‘Who has access to the app:’ dropdown menu, select ‘Anyone, even anonymous’. Click on the blue Deploy button as you proceed through creating a Widget ID.
  5. Google Script now creates a unique URL for your RSS web app. The Twitter widget ID wouldn’t be added to the Google Script this way; instead copy-paste the whole bunch of script from the text box, paste it somewhere, add up your Twitter Widget ID and include it at the specific place in the Widget ID script.
  6. You are done. Now the Widget is live and could be used to manage your RSS feeds on Twitter.


Since Twitter has banned doing this; the process could be counted as an illegal one in near future. To remain on the safer side, we suggest you finding out an alternative to publishing RSS feeds in Twitter. Happy blogging!

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