How to Retrieve IMEI Number from a Lost Phone?

Every phone, no matter what its make or model, has a unique associated with it called the IMEI number. It is to your phone what a Mac Number is to your computer. And any conversation initiated or made from a phone can be traced to the origin based on the IMEI number. This feature is extensively used in cases where mobile phones are lost or reported stolen. The concerned authorities can raise a ticket with the said IMEI number and the next time the device is active, its location is shared with the local authorities, and they can locate it with precision. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the IMEI number plays a crucial role.

Imei Phone

How to Find the for your Phone?

The process to find the IMEI number of your phone is quite simple. All you need to do is dial *#06# from your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can go to device settings > About phone> status where the IMEI number will be displayed. You can note down this number somewhere safe. If you are not a fan of writing down things, you could always take a screenshot of your IMEI number, save it as a draft in your email account or transfer it to your laptop or storage device for safe storage.

How can IMEI Number Help Locate your Phone?

As soon as you find that your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you need to raise a complaint with the law enforcement agencies. Apart from some other information, you need to provide them with the IMEI number of your phone. They will then contact the concerned network operators and a flag is raised on your mobile number. The tracking agencies of all network operators will add your IMEI number to the numbers they need to track. As soon as they get a hit on your IMEI number, they inform the law enforcement agencies and then they take over from there.

What if you Lost your Phone and you don’t have the IMEI Number?

For this, you need to sync your Android phone with your Google account in advance. You need to follow the below steps for the same

  • visit
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Find the Android tab and click on it to expand it
  • All Android devices registered with your Google account is displayed here
  • This information will also contain the IMEI number of your lost phone
  • Now, you can proceed with contacting the law enforcement agencies and providing them the IMEI number

If you are using an iPhone, you cannot use the above method to retrieve your IMEI number. In this case, your phone’s IMEI number will be printed on the product box itself. It is only a matter of finding it. If you cannot find your product box, you could still consider contacting the vendor where you bought the box from. Chances are that the store owner might have saved your IMEI number along with the receipt of sale.

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