Five Security Tips for Android Phones and Tablets

A device of some inches connects you with people miles and miles away, entertains you, socializes you, does your work, becomes evident of all your crucial things, and it is called a smartphone. You spend a considerable amount of bucks for it, and hence it is natural to have concerns about its protection. You may afford the cost of the device, but certainly not the data you lost. Below we have pointed out some very handy tips through which you can stay assured about your device’s safety.

Android Security Tips

Never Save Crucial Passwords with the Device

Off course the device is yours, but you never know when someone else gets it in hand; this is not in your control. Hence, it is advised not to save passwords for sensitive applications like that deal with financial aspects. It is always advised to involve special characters, numbers, or marks within your passwords.

Have the Native Security Arrangement

There is no better recommendation than going with the android native protective arrangement. Features like screen lock have been always incredible ensuring protection for your password, accounts, apps, etc. It is advised to go with baffling pattern locks to make it difficult for the hackers.

Investigate the App Prior Installation

It’s natural to come across with the permissions while downloading, or incorporating an android app. However, upon concentrating a bit on these permissions, it becomes evident that not all of these need to be mandatory.

Go through these permissions and take a look at the corresponding app. Make sure the app is not asking for extraneous permissions. Especially, be a little cautious when an app seeks permission for texts. For a better convenience you should go through the comments given, rates or forums associated. Play Store takes extensive effort to filter, still, it is impossible to make hundred percent guarantees. After all, it’s your device; you have to be careful.

Have a Perfect Back-Up

As we have mentioned above, you can’t really afford the crucial data loss from your android smartphone in any mean; especially through hackers, as they can manipulate it their way. Undoubtedly, having the back-up is the wisest thing you can do. Nothing else than an effective back-up can make you assured during the disastrous occasions of device loss. The best suggestion on this regard is to identify your crucial data, and have back-up options for them like any external drive, a system, and above all, to the cloud.

Tracking Your Android:

Having back-up for your data may make your mind for the moment, but it is really difficult to overcome the traumatic situation post losing device due to the passion and love associated with it. Anyway, if it is an android device, it can be always tracked through GPS. Good news is that most of the android devices have native GPS; and it’s your duty to put it in action. You can go with the smartphone tracking applications available as well for androids; there are plenty of those, and some of they are superb. All these make you available straight with your device.

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