Steps to Get Back the Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows 8.1

A typical problem for the contemporary people has appeared in the form of remembering the passwords. There are so many passwords starting from your ATM, smartphone, Office system to social networking sites. Remembering all these sometimes becomes too baffling for us. There are also people those take the help of the password manager applications. Anyway, this is certainly not the case for all. You can recover your password using certain tricks as well.

Windows 8.1 Wifi

Getting back Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 8.1

Where there is least chance for someone to forget password of his/her bank account, in maximum case it has been seen people forget their Wi-Fi passwords. However, you can certainly get back the password in Windows 8.1 upon following some simple procedures.

It is here to mention that the system itself always has the passwords. And, the best part is that you don’t need any high-end tools on this regard. Now just check-out the steps given below.

Step 1:

First thing to ensure is that whether or not you are already connected with the Wi-Fi network. Maximum possibilities hold that you don’t get connected. Anyway, in case there is no connection, open the Charms bar. You can find it by moving from the right, or simply by moving mouse towards the top right corner of the display.

You can find settings there, if found click on it. Then go to network option and click as well. No you can have your network, and then find the Connect option. Click to connect.

Step 2:

Now your system must find connection with the Wi-Fi network spontaneously. It happens as the passwords remains saved; though you have forgotten.

Step 3:

Now go to desktop, and open the Charms bar. Take your mouse to settings and have a click on settings. Now open the Control Panel.

Step 4:

You can now find Network and Internet as an option here. Now have a click on View network status and tasks.

Step 5:

If you could found the Connection option, then you can certainly find the Wi-Fi icon close to it. Here you can get the name of your Wi-Fi network. Take your mouse to Wi-Fi network option and have a click on it. You can now find a Wi-Fi Status window getting popped-up.

Now look for the Wireless Properties option, and upon finding click on it.

Step 6:

After you clicked on the Wireless Properties option, a new window appears for you. Now take your mouse to the Security bar and click on it. After completion of the step, the Network protection key for you appears. These appear in the form of a line-up of black dots.


Now take a look at the place close to Show characters, and that’s it. Congratulations! You have now got back your very crucial lost Wi-Fi password. Well, you got your password back finally, and you can get always following the above steps as well; doesn’t matter you forget it or not. Well, you are always welcome to leave the precious comments below upon finding any difficulty.

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