Tips to Boost Cell Phone Signal at Home

Your expensive device seems of no use, almost towable during the instances when there is something important and you come across with the issues of poor signal strength. In general we make the network providers responsible for such situations. Anyway, improving the signal stays in our control up to some extents as well. Here we come up with some nice tips those can enhance your signal strength.

Boost Signal

Going with the signal enhancers


It is always a good decision to have cellular signal boosters. These boosters can certainly improve the strength. Especially, it turns out to be very useful in those instances like when you fin signal at some point of your home, and at another point it is too depressing. These boosters always do a fair job supporting each in an equivalent fashion. The best way to deal on these matters can be through the carriers. Well, these boosters cost pretty low as well, about fifty dollars.


The Microcells can certainly match your expectations up to many extents. It links the cellular network through web. This is something like a confined signal source linking with the bigger networks through the internet. It comes really handy in those cases when you find the signal bar absolutely blank.

You can contact with your carriers on this matter as well. They can offer you certainly in lot discounted cost. However, these are available at big ecommerce stores as well. In some cases there comes an external antenna that can be implemented at your home for improving the signal strength.

Wi-Fi can be handy for lower signal

In this technologically enhanced era, Wi-Fi calling is something pretty common for everyone. It’s something like a gift, but there is another part of it available as well. Remember that when the phone stays on Wi-Fi, and the signal is minimal, then it gets linked with the Wi-Fi network. Naturally, you will be receiving the calls and texts through Wi-Fi, and as you stay away of the Wi-Fi, the calls are sent over the conventional networks.

It’s pretty much spontaneous as a process. Hence, you can always have an option of initiating with a call over the Wi-Fi, and the phone would spontaneously send over the device network without any kind of flaw.

The best part is that Wi-Fi calling does well with other networks. Hence, it can come handy at those places where the cellular signal is lower in comparison. However, you must be having the Wi-Fi calling support available functionally.

Wi-Fi: A product friendly option

The Android users can find the way pretty beneficial as most of the carriers support this way. However, the recent iPhone 6 has the native Wi-Fi calling. You can have the feature with the iPhone.  Go to the Settings, click on Phone, click Wi-Fi calling and activate.

The best part about it is that here you don’t need to go for any particular product. You can play with your Wi-Fi router. As we have mentioned above at the zones with poorer signal it can come really handy for receiving calls and texts.

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