Web Development Trends for the Year 2015

2013 has been a revolutionary year for many industries. Many companies have made profits using several techniques. One of the biggest industries of the year has been web design. This is an arena of business that has made a mark on the world by producing never seen before quality in websites that have earned company profits like never before.


Here are some of the trends of the year that went by and are anticipated to be followed even in the year ahead:

–          Content first: This is the hallmark of a good website. It has to have some quality content so that the users can relate to it and also appreciate the website for the real stuff that goes on it. This is not undermining the other aspects but only making sure that the content is on top of the priority list.

–          Simplicity and interaction: It has been observed that interactive websites are a lot more successful than the other websites that do not respond to commands. It keeps the user engaged and also involved.

–          User centric: This means that the website has to be designed for the user to use. It has to be convenient and user friendly. It is essential that the user does not have to break his head over the website else he will be reluctant to log onto it again.

–          Desktop and mobile: It is best when the mobile site and desktop site is built in the same version to avoid confusion. It is easy for the person to stick to the brand even after the advancement of technology.

–          Flat colours: This has been observed as the favourite of the people in the past year. Simply because it is not very bling or bring to look at. Considering people spend a lot of time on websites, it is most advisable for them to look at subtle and flat colours rather than too bright or shiny as it has adverse effects on the eye.

–          Innovation: This is not only the trend of the last year, but the trend of every other era that has been in existence. There has to be innovation with every successive project and website that goes live. 2013 has been a very promising one on that aspect as well.

–          Experimentation with different devices: No other time has seen the sprouting of so many devices. Computers and laptops are still the powerhouse but cell phone and tablets are not far behind. There have been websites that have tried their level best in making responsive websites for all devices and will continue to do so for their future endeavours as well.

Listed above are the different trends that have been followed by the different web developers in the year 2013 and by the looks of it, they will be followed even in the following year along with a few more innovations, incorporations and tweaks that will be determined by the ever changing preferences and tastes of the people.

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