Why is it Important to have a Good Web Design?

When a person is considering a brand for any product or service, the brand goes through immense scrutiny in the brain of the person in many aspect. The first and most difficult part of it is the visual appearance of the brand and the product. With the world taking to the internet for everything, the websites become the most important part of any company’s marketing activity. Therefore becoming the first point of contact between the brand and the people.


To convert a potential customer into a real one it is important that the company makes a lasting first impression. This is where the web design comes into play. The website should be designed in a way that it is keeping in alignment with the theme of the brand and the kind of products and services that they offer. Having a range of very elegant and classy items like luxurious cutlery, food serving equipment or even decorative pieces should not be endorsed on a website that is extra-ordinarily colourful and does not match the taste of the people who visit the store or vice versa. This will mislead the customer about the kind of products that are offered and will adversely affect the business of the organisation.

Before a person gets into the quality of the product and service, he makes an impression in his mind about the credibility of the company. This judgement is mostly taken on the basis of the web design and the ability of the website to convey its credibility. The purchase of products are obviously dependant on the credibility of the brand and that means that sales is directly connected to the credibility. To make sure that this chain reaction is turned in the favour of the company the designers need to come up with a fine design that appeals to the eye of the customers.

A better design that the competition brands will not only find newer customers, but will also attract customers from other brands. Some of the important elements of the page can be placed in a manner where the user finds it convenient to finish whatever he wants to do. This experience will make the user consider the brand over competition as all one needs is convenience.

With the growth of e-commerce and various websites in the run to be on top of their game, a poor design can easily lead to loss of customers. With a direct impact on the customers mind, web design can either make it or break it for the organisation. A well planned and thought through design is one that can win over the minds of the people. It not only captures the attention of the people who are logging onto it, but also leads to the conversion of many potential customers through the word of mouth publicity. People are always sharing features of good websites so that their close ones also get to enjoy the same, so it becomes all the more important for companies to have a good website.

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